About Leech.com International Leech Seller & Supplier

Hirudo Medicinalis Medical Leeches

     Leech.com is an international leech supplier and distributor of Live Medical Leeches "Hirudo Medicinalis". The company works with leech bio-pharms specializing in the cultivation of the medicinal leech variety currently distributing most of the leeches used in medicine worldwide.

     The company has pioneered supplying medical leech varieties "Hirudo Medicinalis" for sale at affordable prices to the public since 2013. We are also the first company to supply leeches at wholesale prices, worldwide.

     Leeches are maintained in a clean and sterile environment, as  suppliers continually invest in technology like ultraviolet light sterilization, reverse osmosis, activated carbon absorption and foam fraction. These processes ensure that the medical leaches are of the highest clinical standard.

      Leeching is a practice which is currently experiencing a significant revival in the holistic and medical circles, as well as in medical practices and surgery. Leeches today are used by people at home, just as well as in hospitals worldwide for countless diseases and medical conditions. 

     The use of leeches has a proven track record of successfully relieving pain and symptoms of illness. In veterinary surgery, using leeches in has been particularly successful. Purchasing leeches from Leeches.com guarantees you the highest level of care and quality standard.

     Your purchase is protected by our 100% Alive-Arrival & Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.