How to Breed Leeches at Home - Start a Leech Farm for Medical Hirudo Leeches


How to set up a leech habitat for pregnant leeches and to be able to breed leeches at home on a small scale.‬

If you’ve been a having a dream about having a leech farm been able to multiply breed keep leeches and do veryest things with leeches in as much natural environment for them as possible, then this tutorial is for you.‬

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And lets get started.
So here I’ve this box, its just plastic see through box that you will need in order to set up your leech habitat.‬

Now the reason that I’ve used a clear plastic is because anything that has to do with leeches has to be clear and see through.
Trust me you don’t wanna take anything that’s opaque or solid and keep leeches in. 
The reason is because you always gonna have to keep an eye on your leeches and they has to be very clearly visible.‬

Don’t buy any supplies for leeches that are not see through.‬ has the best supplies and it has the best leeches as well so you can’t go wrong visiting and getting all your supplies from there.‬

You can also find the same supplies probably in your local Walmart Cameart or grocery store or whatever supplies home supplies store.‬

So here is what I’ve done.
I’ve put almost three quarters of a value cold water from the tap from the sink into this crate into this container.‬

This container also have a lid.‬

And when I close the lid its sort of snaps close‬ although. 
Its a it could some leeches could escape because they are escape artist and they can get through any little hole.

And I just wanna give you an example.

You can also set up a peace of fabric like this like a scarf or just peace of cotton or gauze.

Well actually gauze is not good because it is too porous its got big holes.

So when you have something like this you can then tine it with an elasctic and this will prevent the leeches from escaping.

What you need is just an elastic band to go around.
At this moment I am not sure if I have one to show you but you have the idea .

You need an elastic to go around.

And to make this very sort of like this right sort of not hanging loose but straight like that all right.

And you can also use the fabric and the lid at the same time.
This way it will prevent allot of the leeches from escaping hopefully all of them.
The idea is to keep all the leeches in and not let any of them out.

So lets continue with that tutorial on how to set up your bedding.

Now what you’ll need is leech moss.

You will find that on and I believe its also available on amazon although I am not sure and you might it might be a seasonable item on amazon leech moss but will have it year round.

So here is my collection of leeches.
I am using a keeping bucket for them and this bucket of leeches is not set up for pregnant leeches and for breading purposes.
As you can see them they are very very lively.

These are from and they are all over the place although I haven’t change their water in a couple of days but they are starting to come out already and you will see that they are holes in this.

I am going to turn it to the window so you will see.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one.

Twenty one holes and I keep holes on my buckets because I don’t want leeches escaping.
And so I don’t want to put fabric on top of my bucket and this is the leech forceps the leech handling tool which you will also find online in and so I am not using fabric on top of my bucket where i keep my collection of leeches.

I am using a lid, solid lid.

I find that the lid if far more effective because it keeps them in and doesn’t let them escape so.

My lemon juice.

This is what you’ll need to do.

I have purchased leech moss and allot of them will escaping here while I do this but thats just the nature of leeches.
They will run.

So this is my leech moss that I purchase from and this one is probably about one two three four five six six or seven portions of it.

When you buy one portion you will gonna get about this much probably about this much.

And you will probably be able to keep about with this much you might be able to keep about thirty leeches.

So about thirty leeches.

And with all of this moss you will be able to keep hundreds and hundreds of leeches.

Each portion is about two hundreds grams.
All right so, what I will be doing…

Look at look at what is happening here, look these guys.

They are so robust and lively.

They are just unbelievable.
And they are very clean and very beautiful and I love them.

Some of the leeches are really really big.
Look how huge is this leach.

And I am sure I have pregnant leeches in here already because they made in a very warm temperature.

So but back to our set up, what we’ll need is because we have pregnant leeches as I said I take out all of my moss and I will make sure that the moss is placed in the water in a propped up fashion.

So lets see how this will work.
Now this would not be so good because there is no water in the moss and this is a Styrofoam box but if I use more that one Styrofoam box in fact I have another one here.

And you can use a plastic box or anything with holes in it.

As you can see there holes in these boxes.
That will clearly allow…

Look at these leeches they are all over the place.

This will clearly allow for the pregnant leeches to crow in and out of.

All right so I am going to place another box on top of this one.

And I am submerging these boxes under water.

Although they are they Styrofoam but they are float.

So you might want to get other kind of boxes not Styrofoam.
But the idea is to have the leech moss be half way wet and half way dried.
So what will happen is now that I have this moss set up like this and its wet.

And if I can keep it submerge under water like this without it floating up so you might wana put some heavy weight like rock stones.
So make sure to keep everything submerged.

So that the moss stays half way wet half way under water and half way above that’s the idea.

Now I also have a little bit of wild moss which is available here in England and as you can see its almost identical.

Almost identical to the purchase moss and I’ll just put all the moss that I have into my habitat.
And of course my leeches are all over the place now.

Now I’ll be very busy collecting them afterwords but the leeches are everywhere.
So whats going to happen is I am going to keep this submerged.

All right and once once this is….

Hey guys so I’ve actually gone outside and I found some weighing devices so here is what I have. I’ve got this two bricks.

So my bricks this one and this one are keeping my Styrofoam well under water and this is just perfect perfect habitat for the leeches.

This is this is giving them enough moss and its also affording them to be in wet in swimming in water.

So on both sizes I have plenty of room for swimming.
The inside of the two boxes sort of box stuck together gives them a dark dark space as well and then the moss which is half wet half dried will give the leech the opportunity to lay their cocoons.

The pregnant leeches will lay cocoons.

So I’ve had I bought some eggs just to demonstrate.
These are not leech eggs.

These are not leech cocoons.

These are just regular eggs that I’ve purchased what will happen with your leech breading habitat.

This is how you’ll find leech cocoons on top of moss in the dry.

Because leech cocoons cant be submerged under water.

Maybe they can half way be submerged but not completely.

So then I’ll place this lid on and then I will use my poking device to make holes just like I have with my leech bucket.

Where I keep my leech collection.

I am going to make a few holes so lets find some easier.

That’s one hole two , three, four.

I’ve only done five just to demonstrate but you can actually cover this in holes.

I would say about thirty holes will be great maybe even more.
And so, now that I’ve set up my leech habitat I can easily transfer my leeches.

And of course leeches are all over the place.
But I’ve got some bigger leeches and smaller leeches.

I will I will pick out some of the bigger leeches.
They are probably pregnant.
Leeches do breed in a warm temperature in the spring time.

Leech will actually made in the spring but leech will lay cocoon probably end of spring beginning of summer.
Although I’ve heard has customers that’ve reported that when they bought pregnant leeches, that the leeches have actually given birth to cocoons in winter.
So my friend Lisa has reported that.
She bought from and her leeches delivered I think tree leech cocoons if I am not mistaken and hundreds of baby leeches inside.
So here leeches absolutely loving this environment.

This is the right moss this is the right set up for leeches.

This is perfect for leeches.
So now some of leeches are actually goes swimming in the water.

Some of the leeches will launch around on top of the dry moss.

Some of the Leeches will find the box, box space inside just swim around in dark.

Or to launch around or just sleep.
And so this is this is offering tree different kinds of environment for the leech.
Cold water, dark water and dry half dry half dry moss for leeches to breed on to lay cocoons on and to for the leech cocoon to hatch and for the little baby to hatchlings for the little baby leeches to come out of.
Each leech cocoon going to be very spongy egg, egg looking cocoon.

Its going to be a bit smaller that this or this size and it its going to be a bit smaller that this or this size and its going to be like sponge.
And you can actually even open it although I don’t recommend you opening leech cocoon because the hatchling inside, the babies that are going to be inside they are going to wait for the right time…

Look leeches are trying to bite me.

Oh no, they are going to wait for the right time to hatch out of this cocoon.

So its not up to you or anybody else to determine when leeches going to be hatching .

The little babies determination when this is going to take place.

And as you can see I have leeches everywhere.

This is the most lively bunch I’ve ever seen that I’ve gone all over the place.

But the all and up in this leech habitat after all and I am gonna to prepare to breed leeches this spring.
And so another way to breed leeches is to set up the same kind of habitat like this one but just for two leeches.

So you can put a male and female.
In fact leeches are hermaphrodite.
So any two leeches that you take, this one and this one for example you can put them in a habitat like this one exactly.
And just have the two of them here and they will eventually made.
And they will eventually one leech will get pregnant and will deliver cocoons.
So that’s how the process works.
Once baby leeches are hatched and they start swimming in the water and everything leeches will want to eat and the leeches eat by drinking blood.

That’s leech only food.

Leech don’t swallow worms or leech don’t do anything else.

Leeches just drink water, uh water, leeches just drink blood.

So what you can do is feed leeches here on your veins.

You can feed leeches on very very delicate places in your body.

To make sure that the little babies because leech cant bite everywhere.

Leeches can only bite in very delicate places.

So what I’ve seen people do is they will put the mother and the father leech on the finger and have them sucking from the finger.
Feeding leeches on the finger.

And then they will put the baby leeches in water and they will put that same finger in the water and the baby leeches will actually feed from the wound from the bite from the mother and the father leech.

So the baby leeches will have easy way of latching.

Otherwise leeches wount be able to.

And I think this cover just about everything as you can see all the leeches that I put in here they either starting to swim or leeches are actually are hiding because leeches love the dark.
Right now this is too bright for leeches.
And leeches already starting to find dig holes and find their way into the moss.

As I said heaven heaven for leeches its perfect.

I hope you’ve learned allot.
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Thank you for watching.

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