Leech Tube for Easy Latching

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Easy Leech Latch Tube (Set consists of 2 pieces) has a Multi Purpose Use. This leech attachment device contains two clear plastic tubes - long and rounded at the end. They have stopper caps and insert into one another. At one end is a circular hole large enough for any size leech to pass through (small, medium, large & jumbo). The tool is used to aid in the easy attachment of leeches in a controlled way to the skin of the patient. Leech therapy can therefore be conducted fast and easy, without the need of any other other leech latching device. This leech therapy instrument can fit up to 20 hungry hirudo leeches, ready to bite! The tool is essential in the hirudotherapy process as it allows for a very precise placement of the bloodsucking animal on the desired area of therapy. Leech therapy requires leeches to be placed on specific targeted acupuncture, acupressure and meridian points on the body, so as to achieve optimal health results. This tool makes it easy for you to achieve the most targeted leech placement possible. Furthermore, the Easy-Latch Leech Tube can also be used for vaginal insertion as well, since the tube is the perfect size to introduce into the vagina fast, painless and easy. Using this latching tool, you don't need a vaginal speculum, to insert bloodsucking medical leeches for cervical hirudotherapy and reproductive female problems. The Speculum tool is bulky and clumsy, uncomfortable and unnecessary, compared with this slick and comfy easy-latch leech therapy tool, to treat OBGYN problems.

Material: Clear Plastic (Recommended)

The Easy-Latch Leech Tool is sold as a set. If you prefer to purchase the individual tubes with or without the hole, please see our leech shop for more options. 

UPON ARRIVAL: Immediately transfer your leeches out of the container with special gel and into a jar of cold water! You may use tap or rain water. You may add ice.

HOW TO GET THEM OUT: Pour out the gel with the leeches from the container. If the leeches are still inside, you may add a bit of cold water and swoosh everything around vigorously. If they are still stuck to the walls, you may try to use your fingers. Regular tweezers may harm the body of the leech, so they are not recommended for use - its best to purchase the recommended leech forceps used for easy removal and handling of hirudo medicinalis leeches. In the absence of forcepts, be sure to handle your leeches quickly, so they don’t start sucking blood from your fingers. 

BEST CONTAINER TO USE: Keep your leeches in a large glass (or plastic) jar with a tight lid. The container needs to be filled about 1/3 full of ice-cold water. The lid needs to be always closed. Do not make any holes in the container or lid!

CARE: Change the leech-water at least once a week. Dump out old water by shaking it around vigorously first, with the lid on, until the leeches’ skins come off (they shed their skins about once a week). Skins appear as slimy whitish-clear particles, floating in the water. Carefully pour-out the old water with skins, taking care not to pour out any of the leeches, then, refill the jar again, close and shake. Repeat this process as many times as needed, until all the skins are completely gone and the water is perfectly clear. Fill the jar again with 1/3 cold water (its ok to use tap) and close the lid tightly. Keep the jar with leeches in a cold, partly dark place, away from direct sunlight. During winter, they can be kept outdoors, partly-covering the jars with a towel, to protect from full sun-exposure. We do not advise you to feed your leeches, they can keep for 1 year without feeding. Keep your fed leeches apart from the hungry ones, as they will prey on each other. Be sure to purchase separate jars, to separate your medical leeches properly.