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6' Plastic Leech Forceps

6' Plastic Leech Forceps

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6' Plastic Leech Forceps (Short variety) - Material: Plastic. Forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to use with any type of leech creature. Leech forceps are a must-have go-to tool to use in handling leeches. These forceps allow quickness, exactness and gentle handling of the leech. When you handle leeches with your forceps, you are avoiding the possibility of leeches biting or sticking to your hands and rubber gloves. Once a leech gets a hold of your gloves with its powerful suction cups, you will have a very challenging time removing it. This applies to just about anything that a leech gets a hold of. Leeches will suck tight and won't let go, unless this helpful tool comes to your aid and pulls you out of a "sticky" situation. Handling your leeches with this gentle instrument is really a breeze and you will find out very soon how true this is! Even when your leeches arrive in the mail and you have to pull them out of their protective bottles, you will find this job to be easy as 1-2-3 with the help of leech forceps, however, without them, it will take you quite a while to deal with that and you may have to pry open or cut open the bottle, to manage to get them out - you will be glad you got the forceps to make this job seamless.

Furthermore, if you are raising leech pets or keeping lots of leeches in jars or leech containers and growing your leech collection or even trying to breed leeches, you will definitely need to invest in this tool, which makes all leech-related tasks (such as water changing) so incredibly easy and fast and virtually fool-proof. The tool also gives you the ability to swiftly move your creatures around, back and forth, transfer them into new containers change and upgrade their leech lodge to a new environment with moss, rocks, and more leech indulgences. We feel the forceps tool is a must-have for anyone dealing with leeches, period. This incredible product is also one of the two best sellers in our leech supply shop (number one being the leech jars).

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